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Which oil company's drilling rig Kulluk ran aground in 2013?
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Chioggia beets are also known as bullseye beets, but because they are striped, they're also named for what Christmas treat?
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With which of these industries would you associate the brand "Lufthansa"?
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As the largest bone in the foot, the calcaneus is also known by what name, particularly if it belongs to a scoundrel?
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The Everly Brothers fell asleep in one during a date in "Wake Up Little Susie." Alanis Morissette had a much more adult date in one in "You Oughta Know." Where were they?
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According to the lyrics, which song do the Beatles take a sad song and make it better?
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Based on Alistair MacLean novels, two WWII-set films were about "The Guns of" and "Force 10 from" what fictional Greek island?
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In September 1998 Celine Dion released an album in which language?
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What Motor City gets its name from the French word for "the narrow place," as it marks the shortest crossing of the Great Lakes for 500 miles in either direction?
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Who led the German and Italian forces in the North African Campaign during World War II?

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