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You can make a salad from this lawn weed's greens and wash it down with a wine made from its yellow flowers. What?
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In which European country are the cities of Florence and Turin?
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What do you call the mark made by applying a loaded brush on a surface?
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What was the last name of three of the Beach Boys: Brian, Carl and Dennis?
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What is a common ending for family names and words in Poland?
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About a quart of what digestive fluid comes from the liver every day, whether you happen to be angry or not?
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Which 2005 film included actress Keisha Castle-Hughes and was directed by George Lucas?
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Which movie, released in 1990, featured a touching pottery scene?
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What is L. Ron Hubbard famous for founding?
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The action film star Jean-Claude Van Damme was born in which country?

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