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General knowledge quiz

Question 1
Which is the smallest of the world"s oceans?
Question 2
Which 1995 Disney film was the highest budget animation film ever?
Question 3
Who sang the famous song The Continuing Story Of Bungalo Bill (1968)?
Question 4
Question 5
Porsche AG's emblem (shield) contains a figure in the center. It is the silhouette of a horse galloping on a yellow field in the shape of a shield. What other famous automaker has a similar emblem?
Question 6
If a vehicle is traveling at 80km/h for two hours and 70km/h for two hours – how far will it travel?
Question 7
Where would find a 'chalaza'?
Question 8
What number comes next in the sequence 300, 295, 285, 270?
Question 9
What is the total amount of sides, if you look at a hexagon and a Octagon?
Question 10
Which of these ancient empires is famous for mummies, pharoahs and pyramids?
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