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Movies Quiz

Question 1
Yuri in 'Doctor Zhivago' is played by which actor?
Question 2
How did Spider-Man get his powers?
Question 3
What is the correct title of the 2013 sequel to Monsters Inc?
Question 4
What was the title of the 1984 sequel to 'Conan The Barbarian'?
Question 5
The Golden Raspberry Awards have been running since 1980. Who had won the award for Worst Supporting Actress the most times until 2005?
Question 6
What did all the thieves in "Reservior Dogs" wear?
Question 7
Which of these 1972 movies was based on a Broadway musical?
Question 8
How does Tindle get his revenge in Sleuth?
Question 9
In E.T, what did Elliot and E.T. ride to the forest on Halloween?
Question 10
Which character does Julia Roberts play in 'Notting Hill'?
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