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Literature Quiz

Question 1
Which of these is the name of a cat in a poem by T.S. Eliot?
Question 2
Who wrote 'The Lord of the Flies'?
Question 3
The 1959 book titled, "Henderson the Rain King", was written by?
Question 4
What is the name of the Kathryn Stockett novel about a maid in 1962 Mississippi?
Question 5
In Catherine Coulter's "Double Take", who goes to California after a tip about his missing wife?
Question 6
What word means to think about something and then do it on purpose?
Question 7
Which author wrote The Beach?
Question 8
In the book "The Velveteen Rabbit", on what special day was the Rabbit brought home?
Question 9
Which one of these words is a synonym for understand?
Question 10
Which author denigrated Edgar Allan Poe as "the jingle man"?
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